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RSS 1.0 support

A set of stylesheets is available on 4xt to translate RSS 0.9 and 0.9.1 documents into the recently announced RSS 1.0 format, together with Java classes aimed at facilitating the transformation.

4xt internals part 1

XHTML layout documents, a technique widely used to build 4xt, explained on XML.com under the title Style-free XSLT.

UX brings new Unix-like features to XT

Paul Tchistopolskii announced the release 0.2 of his UX environment, with cleaner APIs, a string to node set conversion and the implementation of a grep command.

Maintenance 4xt

Moving ahead, 4xt is organizing the maintenance of XT.

HDML Output Handler

Khun Yee Fung has developped a HDML Output Handler.