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Harmony and DNER Synthesis

JISC-DLI-NSF Synthesis, Harmony project presentation by Dan Brickley, 2001-05-24

This presentation provides an overview of the progress and direction of the Harmony project, focusing in particular on ILRT's JISC-funded contribution and on the nature of "multimedia" metadata as investigated by the project. The presentation, and the summary below, were largely based on the informal "Harmony, a mid-term report" document prepared in March 2001 as part of project evaluation.


The Harmony project was funded in 1999 to investigate multimedia metadata for resource discovery. Following the original proposal, we have retained a focus on resource discovery (including metadata query languages), the Warwick Framework architecture for multi-language metadata description (and its flaws) as well as media-format related metadata descriptions (in particular architectures for extending/qualifying the Dublin Core, and for relating such descriptions to the work of initiatives such as MPEG).

In pursuit of our original aims, we have (as is typical for a technology-based research project) discovered unexpected areas for research, collaboration, dissemination and development. A number of commentators have expressed suprise at the apparent focus of the project on topics that seem somewhat removed from multimedia metadata. The purpose of this presentation is to elaborate on the technical and political context underlying Harmony's approach to multimedia metadata.

Presentation Materials

Slides from the talk are available in the following formats:

dan brickley, 2001-05-26