Calendaring in RDF rather than 'vanilla' XML

Example: merging personal and conference data

Example: merging conference data, annotations, and speaker information

Repeating events

Querying an RDF data source for calendaring information

Example: a 'SquishQL' RDF query

SELECT ?event, ?date  
(ical::DAY ?event "Monday")
(ical::DATE ?event ?date)

Results for a 'SquishQL' RDF query over a simple data source: only the data explicitly encoded in RDF is returned

> event > date
event1 2001-12-10
event2 2001-12-17

Results for a 'SquishQL' RDF query over a 'clever' data source: database can infer that an event occurs on Monday even if it doesn't explicitly say so in the database

> event > date
event1 2001-12-10
event2 2001-12-17
event3 2001-12-24
event4 2001-12-31

'Orlando' model and RDF

Orlando model example

Shop x is open every monday in June

DECLARE shopOpen Greg(2004) AND wDay(Mo) AND yMonth(June) AND Hour(9:15/13)

explicitly in RDF:

or as a rule within a database which is optimised for recuring queries

either way a query like

SELECT ?openHour, ?closeHour    
(ical::DATE ?recurEvent "2004-06-15")
(skical::open ?recurEvent ?openHour)
(skical::close ?recurEvent ?closeHour)

Produces the result

> openHour > closeHour
9 13

RDF Calendaring taskforce

Technical discussion of systems, vocabulary and scenarios relating to the use of RDF and XML with calendaring and scheduling tools on the Web. The focus of the list is on practical implementation work (testbeds, prototypes, collaborative development)