Staff development week, July 2003 - image annotation using foaf and RDF

Libby Miller


Foafnaut and codepiction - showing visually the relationship between people using photos and other relationships, using 'FOAF' - 'friend of a friend' - a vocabulary for describing people.

'foaf-a-matic' - a simple forms-based interface for creating information about youand the people you know.

Issue of making it easy to create this data - the process of putting up html is hard; RDF also has many of these problems and some of its own.

With photo annotation, speed is also an issue - want to make it easy and fast to create data about multiple photos.

We also want to access data that already exists from multiple places: information about people, locations, things.

javascript annotation tool: fast, typing rather than clicking interface to various databases of information.

Give it a try? I would be very grateful for feedback on this or any other of these tools.

some example pictures to try.