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As work in the Harmony Project progresses this page will provide links to documentation of results.

Conference and Journal Publications

C. Lagoze, "Keeping Dublin Core Simple: Cross-Domain Discovery or Resource Description", D-Lib Magazine, January 2001.

J. Hunter, C. Lagoze, "Combining RDF and XML Schemas to Enhance Interoperability Between Metadata Application Profiles" , submitted to WWW10, November 2000

C. Lagoze, "Business Unusual: How event-awareness may breathe life into the catalog", LC Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for the New Millenium, Washington DC, November 2000.

J. Hunter, "MetaNet - A Metadata Term Thesaurus to Enable Semantic Interoperability Between Metadata Domains" , submitted to JODI, October 2000

C.Lagoze, J. Hunter, D. Brickley, "An Event-Aware Model for Metadata Interoperability" , ECDL 2000, Lisbon, September 2000

J. Hunter, D. James, "The Application of an Event-Aware Metadata Model to an Online Oral History Project" , ECDL 2000, Lisbon, September 2000

C. Lagoze, " Accomodating Simplicity and Complexity in Metadata: Lessons from the Dublin Core Experience", Metadata Workshop, Archiefschool, The Hague, June 2000.

Working Papers

ABC Workshop Announcement

Harmony ABC Strawman Document

ABC Workshop - draft agenda

ABC Workshop Report