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RDF-DEV FAQ Version 0.09

1. About this document

1.1 Where does this document come from?

This is the Frequently Asked Question document for the RDF Developers list RDF-DEV. The RDF-DEV FAQ is maintained by the RDF-DEV list owner, Dan Brickley. Neither the RDF-DEV mailing list nor this document are official products of the W3C. The W3C Metadata team maintain an RDF FAQ document at which you should read first.

2. About the RDF-DEV list

2.1 How can I subscribe/unsubscribe to the rdf-devlist?

To subscribe, mail to containing the following text in the body of the message: subscribe rdf-dev firstname lastname

2.2 How can I send messages to everyone on the list?

To send a message to the rdf-dev mailing list:

2.3 Where can I find out more about the mailing list set up?

There are various additional documents available on the Mailbase web site. The RDF-DEV related pages are available from

3. About RDF

3.1 What does RDF stand for?

RDF is the "Resource Description Framework", so called because it provides a framework for describing resources.

3.2 Is a more detailed overview of RDF available online?

The best place to start is at with the Model and Syntax Specification. The following specifications are available:

Several introductions, overviews and tutorials have been written. These include:

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