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HandleWrapper: An RDF Description Service for Handles

Warning!: this is not a stable service. Sometimes the RDF-Handle server connection does not work

Author: Dan Brickley <>

This demo provides a simple RDF wrapper for the Handle identifier system, showing how handles might be considered Web URIs and how RDF can be used to describe associated resolution metadata and other related data. Since DOI identifiers have resolution data that is accessible via the Handle system, this prototype also exposes an RDF/XML view of (some? all?) DOIs.

The demo consists of a service which expects to be asked about Handle identifiers (represented as URIs) and which will (by querying a Handle HTTP server, eg. respond with an RDF data graph providing resolution information when this is available.

Online Demo

(get RDF Description of this URI)

Some other Handles URIs to try...

Handle syntax

The format of the handle portion of these IDs is:

[Handle] ::= [Handle Naming Authority] "/" [Handle Local Name]

To make these into Web URIs, we're prefixing with hdl:.


This demo is implemented as a very simple proxy service, which takes handle URIs, submits them to a remote Handle resolution server, and returns the result in RDF/XML format.


Bugs / Issues

This code is a quick prototype, not optimised for performance, high usage etc.

The RDF vocabulary we use to describe URI resolution data is pretty ad-hoc, and should be considered proof of concept only.

Issue: Not clear what current policy is regarding representation of handles as URIs.