JS-RDF: XML Parser tests

XML parser testbed, part of the js-rdf testbed. This is a local RDF installation of the Javascript XML parser created by Michael Houghton. In the fullness of time, this might be glued in with the RDF javascript code.

Current status: this is simply a local copy with different HTML wrapper text and an RDF-based example file in the textarea below.

Instead of using the MinXML XML subset, this page allows us to experiment with connecting js-rdf to a real XML parser.


Type or paste XML code here, and then press "Process"

If there is an error in your document, you will receive an error report in a new window.

Otherwise, a structured definition of your document will be presented.

Also, note that, while the parser itself avoids recursion, this demonstration is recursive, so with very large documents you may experience problems.

This installation maintained by: Dan Brickley danbri@w3.org