NAME - RDF Interface to WWW::Search

SYNOPSIS (cgi script)


A search engine XML/RDF proxy. This program enables the creation of a XML/RDF view of various Web search engines. This is achieved through use of the WWW::Search Perl module and is designed to function as a contributed component of the ROADS resource discovery toolkit; both are available from CPAN.

This script uses the WWW::Search library to present an XML/RDF interface to any searchable resource for which a WWW::Search backend is available.


CGI Parameter: query =item CGI Parameter: engine
The script must be passed a WWW::Search backend identifier (eg. 'AltaSearcher') and a simple (currently untyped) query string.


The current version of this code presents a poor characature of what we might hope from of a machine-interface to search services. It works though.

Note also that the technical capability to throw queries at a database via WWW::Search does not necessarily establish that this is a sensible, polite or even legal thing to do. Please use these facilities responsibly.




This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

It was developed by Dan Brickley at the University of Bristol, although it borrows from a number of other ROADS scripts and of course depends for all interesting work on WWW::Search...

Use at your own risk.


   Dan Brickley <>