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General Information on Z39.50:

An Overview of the Z39.50 Information Retrieval Standard by Fay Turner.

Z39.50. Part 1 - An Overview from Biblio Tech Review.

Z39.50: The Basics by Fay Turner. [Acrobat PDF version: 30K] No HTML version available.

World Wide Web e Z39.50: standard per la ricerca a confronto di Antonio Scolari. English abstract: World Wide Web and Z39.50: two information retrieval standards compared.

Z39.50 L'information Bibliographique Structurée sur le Net par Anne-Lise Lévéjac.

La norme Z39.50: un outil essentiel pour l'uniformisation de la recherche d'information par Martin Sévigny.

Das SR/Z39.50--1995 Protokoll

Z39.50 in Bibliotheken und im World-Wide-Web von Bernd Hergeth.

The Digital Library Standard Protocol (Z39.50) and It's Implementation Scheme by Woo-Jik Chun (in Korean)

Z39.50 Introduction in Japanese by Hiroyuki Anzai.

Setting up a WWW-based Z39.50 Server (Part II) byYuen-Hsien Tseng. In Chinese from Taiwan.

The Z39.50 Information Retrieval Standard Part I: A Strategic View of Its Past, Present and Future by Clifford Lynch. Part 2 was to have published in October 1997 but is not in that issue. (Information on publishing date in the article is not correct).

Z39.50: overview and interoperability

Z39.50 in a Nutshell by John A. Kunze and R.P.C. Rodgers.

Z39.50 by Susannah Iltis

Z39.50: The User's Perspective by Sandra D. Payette and Oya Y. Rieger.

Search with Z39.50:

RUSLANet Z39.50 Gateway. Search Russian and other sources. Russian interface.

La base documentaire JOCONDE est un catalogue des dessins, estampes, peintures, sculptures, photographies et objets d'art conservés dans plus de 60 musées de France. (For more details, see D-Lib)

Nordic Web Index (Swedish entrypoint) ;
Nordic Web Index (Finnish entrypoint) ;
Nordiskt Web Index (Danish entrypoint).

Die Deutsche Bibliothek - Z39.50 Gateway

ZWeb at Michigan State University.

GILS Showcase

Alpha Java Version of Willow from the University of Washington lets you search many systems. Best if your system supports 800 pixel-wide display. Scroll down page and click on buttons.

NASA's Global Change Master Directory:

Stanford University's DB Connect

Library of Congress Z39.50 Search Page.

Canada's GIFT

AIDS Patent Database Search

Europagate WWW to Z39.50 Gateway

Test the Europagate E-mail to Z39.50 Gateway

Search Singapore's ITI Information Retrieval Gateway

Search Poland's Katalogi BG PK using stateful Z39.50 gateway.

Search using the URICA Z39.50 Gateway in South Africa

Plussa: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen Public Libraries' Bibliographic Database. You can search for information in the bibliographic database of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen Public Librari es. The database contains over half a million records.

State of Iowa Libraries Online (SILO) page provides access to libraries in Iowa.

Download Z39.50 Software:

ZNavigator Z39.50 client for Win3.1x and Win95. Development is part of the CaseLibrary project of the TELEMATICS FOR LIBRARIES programme of the European Commission Directorate-General XIII.

Seachange's Bookwhere? Windows-based Z39.50 software. New version compatible with Netscape and Mosaic.

SIRSI's VIZION Pro client with Z39.50 can now be downloaded and purchased online.

UFO/Fiat Lux Windows 95/NT Z39.50 client.

Netscape for Windows Z39.50 plug-in (Alpha version).

Blue Angel Technologies' GILS-compliant Metadata Server for Windows NT. (Click on Products link).

Freeware for Developers.

ZAP! Search Module for the Apache WWW server.

A Search Module for Apache: Implements Z39.50 search from within the Apache HTTP Server.

Z39.50's International Scope:

Z39.50 in Europe

Several EU Telematics for Libraries Projects utilize Z39.50/SR

EC Supported Z39.50 Projects by Gordon Pedersen. presented at the 63rd IFLA General Conference, 1997.

Australia's ZedWeb Project

Metro Toronto Public Libraries Z39.50 Pilot Project. Project to identify the practicality of using the Z39.50 protocol for remote catalogue searching and its impact o n resource sharing. Includes project final report.

Z39.50 research in Singapore.

France's Aquarelle uses Z39.50.

Germany's DBV-OSI II.

U.K.s' Zexi: Z39.50 Experimental Implementation.

Index Data in Copenhagen.

From Italy: SIBYLLA and Z39.50

Milan Z39.50 Conference

Z39.50 in Action at the National Library by Michael Williamson

Z39.50 research in Korea. See last item, Digital Library System.

Russia's RUSLANet includes Z39.50 capability.

Building Z39.50-interfaces to bibliographic relational database for RUSLANet regional library system (In Russian) by I. A. Plemnek and R. T. Usmanov. Includes diagrams unders tandable by non-Russian speakers.

Lasse Haatajan Z39.50-projektisivu from Finland.

Z39.50 interface for BLISS databases. System of Bilkent University Library Bilkent Ankara Turkey. Site still under co nstruction, but check back later.

Z39.50 and Other Standards:

Query Languages for the Web (W3C Workshop addressing XML, RDF, Z39.50 and database perspectives on Web query)

RDF in Mozilla (metadata and query documentation in the Mozilla open-source browser)

ZDSR Profile:Z39.50 Profile for Simple Distributed Search and Ranked Retrieval. Latest draft.

STARTS - Stanford Protocol for Internet Search and Retrieval: Complementary to Z39.50, or a Rival Protocol?

Z39.50 and Java:

wxPresso: Z39.50 Meets Python (the Language, not Monty).

Belgium's Project VirLib (CN/XX/A06) - Deliverable Report T02: Research into Existing Standards includes analysis of Z39.50 and other standards.

Z39.50 and the World Wide Web by Sebastian Hammer and John Favaro.

Final Report of the World Wide Web Consortium's Distributed Indexing/Searching Workshop held at M.I.T. 28-31

The Cheshire II Project unites Z39.50 and SGML.

Information on Z39.50 and SQL.

Z39.50/SQL+: Stateful Web Access to Relational Databases

Z39.50/SQL+ Project - "ZINC" in Postscript format

Z+SQL - Draft 5

General Z+SQL TestBed Characteristics of the Information Retrieval Service

Z39.50 to X.500 Gateway.

SilverPlatter's Z39.50 Option brings Z39.50 to CDROM databases..

Varieties of Z39.50 Implementations:

Chemical Abstract Service's SciFinder uses Z39.50 to search for chemical substance information and chemical literature in CAS databases .

Project Seeks to Make Finding Data On the Web Less Irritating by Sreenath Sreenivasan. New York Times article on Government [a.k.a. Global] Information Locator Service (GILS).

An Evaluation of the Federal Governments Implementation of the Government Information Locator Service (GILS) - Final Report By William E. Moen and Charles R. McClure. A hardcopy version is available from NISO.

Government Information Locator Service (GILS).

Canadian GILS

Répertoire International de Sources Musicales project at Harvard University.

Tools to Facilitate Access to Digital Orthophotos by the Planning Support Systems Group, M.I.T. Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning and the Massachussetts Geographic Information System (MassGIS), Mass. Executive Office of Environmental Affairs includes Z39.50 metadata search. (This page takes a while t o load).

Recent Developments in Galen II: Evolution of a Digital Library for the Health Sciences.

Japan CATSS [Cataloguing Support System] includes Z39.50 access to RLIN in order to retrieve CJKR records in the vernacular.

Z39.50 spatial data searching.

Catalogue Interoperability Protocol.

Z39.50 Type 102 Ranked List Query.

Holdings Export and Z39.50 by Carrol D Lunau.

Z39.50 Acccess to Digital Collections.

Cal State's Universal Information Access Systems (UCIA) to include Z39.50.

Australia's World 1 includes Z39.50.

The LiLI Project: Libraries Linking Idaho. Plans include a Z39.50 gateway.

Events - Where you can learn more about Z39.50

June ZIG Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Z39.50 Technology and Services:

Download Z39.50 Software:for downloadable products)

EndNote 3 is a new version of Niles Software's popular bibliographic software for Macintosh, and Windows 3.1/95/NT that now includes a Z39.50 client. For specific information on Z39.50 capabilities, see this post. Also available: a review of Endnote 3.0 by John G. Nor man.

The Blue Angel Technologies GILS Publishing Service

Taliesin Software Research, Inc. Z'Est® - Z39.50 Enhanced Server Technology. (Click on Z39.50 Servers and other Products ).

Australia's Structured Information Manager (SIM).

Simple Abstract API for Z39.50 Client (2nd Draft)

Further Information on Z39.50:

Library of Congress Z39.50 Maintenance Agency page: The Official source for Z39.50 Information. Includes information on the Z39.50 Implementors Group (ZIG) and its listserv, plus links to technical papers and standards documents not listed here.

Z39.50 Hosts and Databases in BookWhere? provides a list of Z39.50 "targets" which can be searched. These are the systems registered with the Bookwhere? client.

CIC initates large scale assessment of Z39.50 applications. As part of the development of their Virtual Electronic Library initiative, the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) has commissi oned Mark Hinnebusch, Associate Director for the Florida Center for Library Automation and the Chair of the Z39.50 Implementers Group, to conduct the study.

Z39.50 Application Issues. Issues included here are the issues which are being identified by end-users who are using Z39.50 systems within their organizations.

Z39.50 stand-alone client software review from Biblio Tech Review.

Z39.50 Client and Web Gateway Surveys

ACLIN Grant Funds Z39.50 Upgrades by Jerry McCarthy.

The building and maintenance of robot based internet search services: A review of current indexing and data collection methods by T. Koch, A. Ardö, A. Brümmer and S. Lundberg. Contains information on Z39.50, as well as much other information.

Architecture For Access To Government Information: Report of the IMSC -Technical Group

Configuring Z39.50 Clients And Servers For Prime Time (A View From The Trenches) by Slavko Manojlovich, Memorial University Of Newfoundland. Presented at ETIG Internet Preconference Workshop, C LA Ottawa, 1997.

Z39.50 Technical Issues by Dennis Lynch. : [Acrobat PDF version: 100K]. No HTML version available..

Z39.50 UNLEASHED (Internet Trends) Slavko Manojlovich

The ANSI/NISO Z39.50 Protocol: Information Retrieval in the Information Infrastructure by William Moen.

Discussion Paper: Networked Information Retrieval Standards by DSTC Resource Discovery Unit.

Fulcrum now support WAISserver. (But not for long).


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